The Mini 2000 Titanium Miniplating System:

The MINI 2000 titanium implant system is excellent qualified for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.The optimized form of the plates guarantees perfect and easy adaptation to the bony structures. All 2.0 mm screws of this system are self-retaining and self-drilling. The unique design of these superior screws eliminates the need for bulky holding devices, while improving vision and access to the surgical site. For the production of our plates and screws we exclusively use titanium specially made for the high demands in CMF surgery.

Key Benefits:

Easy, secure and hygienic handling
Material: Titanium
Facilitates the work of the OP staff
Huge variety of plates and screws

Blue-Series 0.8 mm BS Miniplates:

Area of application:

Bone fractures and osteotomies in the mid-face. The perfect complement to our MINI 2000 Plating System. To use whenever the 1 mm Standard Plates seem to be too thick and stiff and the 0,6 mm Low-Profile Plates too thin and flexible

CAD Bone Plating System:

The CAD-Miniplating System is an useful complementof our extensive Titanium Miniplating System MINI-2000. The CAD-Miniplates distinguish themselves forthe outstanding stability of the performed bone fixation.

There are two different plate thicknesses:

Standard Plates in 1.0 mm and Low Profile Plates in 0.6 mm. They are compatible with all MONDEAL MINI-2000 screws in 2.0 mm diameter